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Suitcases is a must-have for the traveller. Large, small, with handles or straps, it is perfect for transporting all those objects that cannot be contained in a simple bag.

It can be made in many materials, but those in leather have an unarguable appeal.

Sturdy and beautiful, it accompanies the tourist, businessman and family alike, suitable for everyone.

We at Pelletterie Raffa have been producing suitcases and luggage in leather, fabric and other materials for many years, and we can undertake all phases of production from the design up to the packaging of the item. Many brands from the world of fashion trust our company to produce luggage travel lines on a large scale, providing us with their models and as well as trusting to our experience in design.

 suitcases produced for third parties
 suitcases in fabric
 leather suitcase

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