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A family that has made craftsmanship and excellence a way of life.

Pelletterie Raffa was established in 1981 when Aldo Raffa first put faith in the work of his hands. Supported by his wife Rosa, he set up a small company in which he was able to invest in his passion for leather goods.

Craftsmanship has led them step by step to specialising their production more towards travel and business bags and articles; but they never abandoned their first love for classic leather goods.

Since 2004 many international fashion brands have chosen the excellent work done here and have entrusted Aldo with the production of leather goods lines, women’s bags, suitcases, trolleys as well as unusual products perfect for the luxury market such as hatboxes and trunks. The production of bags for third parties for the fashion market has become the main activity over time.

As often happens in a stimulating environment where you love your daily work, those around you become inspired. That’s why Morris and Michela, sons of Aldo and Rosa, have also joined the company. They have made a strong contribution to innovation; paying careful attention to market changes, while never losing craftsmanship and tradition, the traits characteristic of the company.

Pelletterie Raffa celebrates the tradition of Tuscan leather goods by continuing production of highly crafted leather articles for the ‘Made in Italy’ brand; even more ‘Made in Tuscany’, putting its skills at the service of the luxury market.

Professionalism, craftsmanship and passion for their work, but also a great spirit of sacrifice and flexibility, have allowed Pelletterie Raffa to reach ambitious goals. They have won the trust of the main national and international brands in the fashion and leather goods sector.


The production of leather goods, both on its own and on behalf of third parties, still takes place respecting the traditions of the ancient Tuscan leather goods but in conjunction with technologically advanced processes and machinery that allow a speeding up of the production processes and the quantities produced, always keeping the high quality of the finished product.

All Raffa leather working takes place in the heart of Tuscany, in the Altopascio plant, very close to the motorway exit and easy to reach.


Nowadays, in our spacious location, 15 collaborators who have put their precious craftsmanship at the service of the company, work in all stages of leather and hide processing: from the development of the design, to the CAD model, to the creation of the prototype for the customer, up to the completion of a product that passes through cutting, preparation of the leather, assembly and packaging

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