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Production of luxury handbags

The market for the production of luxury handbags in Italy and abroad demands excellent standards of quality, derived from the meticulous selection of materials, leathers, components and accessories, but also obtained thanks to the skill of the craftsmen during all phases of production.

Not everyone, however, is able to create high-level products and above all to do so at a competitive pace, optimizing one’s own resources.

We at Raffa Pelletterie have been working in the luxury market for many years and thanks to internal production we can carry out all production phases at a high standard of quality, from the model, to the realization of the prototype and the finished product.

The craftsmanship that distinguishes our work is the same that is appreciated in the luxury sector, in which no bag is considered mass-produced even if there are hundreds of pieces in the production process.

Each luxury bag will always be a unique piece thanks to the synergism between craftsman and machine, manual skills and industrialized processes.

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