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Third parties leather goods production

Being producers of leather goods to third parties means being a trustworthy partner able to follow the development of models from the design up to the creation of the prototype. Bags, suitcases, trolley cases and leather travel items are only some of the articles that we can put into production for you, on a small or large scale, according to your needs.

Producing on one’s own account obliges one to take on all phases of production from the design, to resourcing materials to manufacture, necessitating an infrastructure, suitable machinery and qualified workers.

Turning instead to collaboration with a subcontractor can help one contain production costs, easily overcome moments of peak production without having an internal production structure, but still allowing one to oversee the work.

We at Pelletterie Raffa produce leather items on behalf of third parties, supporting the work of the client side by side (be it brand, company or designer) and following it in all planning, and above all, operative aspects.

At our company we work daily alongside major brands in the world of leather goods with operational flexibility, craftsmanship and ever new ideas. We produce hand-crafted, excellent quality leather bags, highly customizable, and with accurate finishes possible in many combinations of leather and accessories.


Containing costs of production

Overcoming moments of peak production

Effect small- or large-scale manufacturing without an in-house production chain.


We carry out the design of the model to your specifications or you can entrust it to our designer.
Following all the production phases we deliver the prototype to be checked, corrected if necessary, and sent into production.


Once the model has been defined, we start production employing technologically advanced machinery and our craftsmen’s experience, strong in the Tuscan traditions of leather working.



We can produce many leather items thanks to the use of fine materials and leathers.
Bags, trolley cases and travel items, as well as accessories are just some of the articles that we can personalize for you. Trunks, hat boxes, cosmetic bags and beauty cases are all production that lend themselves to being made in fine leather.

High-quality production perfect for the luxury leather goods sector.
Always open to novelty, it is possible to try out new models to find the perfect product to manufacture.

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