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Leather production

Pelletterie Raffa is a company that has been engaged in the production of artisan leather goods for over 50 years and is an expression of the ancient Tuscan tradition of leather processing.

Each bag, suitcase or accessory is entirely handmade by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen who are the heart of the company.

Over time the company has specialized in the production of bags for third parties and wholesale leather goods, obtaining commissions from the most important Italian and international brands in the sector and from many brands focused on the luxury market.

Making a good product, be it a bag or a travel item, is a process in which precision, attention to detail and even love must come together.

It is this very love and passion for their craft that guide the daily work of the craftsmen at Raffa. Each day, techniques acquired over years and decades of experience are put into practice, together with the use of high-quality materials.

Leather working is the centre of our business, but we can work with materials of all types.


Leather goods production

Production of leather articles in Tuscany.
Our production takes place entirely within Tuscany with respect to the artisan tradition to satisfy the requirements of clients in the luxury sector, also for the most eccentric of requests.

Creating prototypes

From the design to the creation of the finished product

From the design to the creating of the final product.
We develop prototypes of bags and suitcases giving life to the clients’ ideas.


Leather working

Craft production techniques with the help of innovative machinery to obtain elegant and refined leather goods.

 leather goods made in Tuscany
 prototype construction
leather working

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